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The University of Archery is not just an archery range, but a school of higher learning and study of all styles of archery and budo (martial arts). It has been my lifetime quest to train in martial arts and archery and sharing that knowledge is half the fun and excitement. To see someone build their self confidence and personal worth with inner strength is a life changing experience. Every person may not play football, basketball, soccer and so on …the big sports…  but archery is a sport that is shot  alone but trained as a team, and all of the value points of athletic training and team work can be found here as well and even more. Kyudo teaches us Shin- Zen- Bi (Truth- Goodness- Beauty) qualities we can always use for life. Budo teaches us to sharpen our inner sword. Always be ready, diligent & prepared with body, mind and spirit, qualities we all need in these emerging times. 
  • Olympic archery - JOAD
  • 3d Archery & IST
  • Japanese Archery  -  Kyudo (Q-doh)
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