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Expand your Mind, Body and Spirit in the Study of

Japanese Archery With the Long Beach Kyudo Kai 


About the Instructor:

Growing up in Washington DC under the family run Burger King, where his father Tom Hollis was shot and killed in a botched robbery by an ex-employee during Christmas. Both the robber and his father died. His brother was also shot but survived. This experience rocketed him to military school, Fork Union Military Academy by his mother where his martial arts training began. With some golden gloved training under his belt inspired by his father young Marcus was failing English and the English teacher Capt. Martin said after class one day “if you take my karate class I’ll give you a D in my English class” he did and the Tae kwon do class whooped him hard. Then English class review began.


This was the first person in his life that showed any interest in him outside of his father Tom, so the love for martial arts began.


Marcus Bossett now is a 5th Dgr. Black Belt and holds the Renshi Instructor’s title with the International Shorin Ryu Karate Kobudo Assoc. He is also a Nidan 2nd Dgr. Black Belt Instructor with the International Okinawan Kobudo Assoc. USA (Weapons). Also ranked as 5Th Degree Black Belt Renshi in Shorinji-Ryu Jujitsu.


In July of 2008 Sensei tested in Japanese Kyudo (Zen Archery) with the American Kyudo Renmei under the watchful eye of 4 masters from Japan’s All Nippon Kyudo Renmei Passing his 5th Dan in Kyudo. Out of a 14 others North America wide he was the only one to pass that year. Meanwhile placing 2nd in the international tournament as well. (This event  made him the highest rank African American world wide in kyudo)


In Kyudo he has won the international Taikai (tournament) 1 time and been in the top 3 shooters, 5 times. Bossett, Sensei has also been the Dojo manager of the national seminar 3 times. As a certified instructor he has over 18 years of owning his own Karate school. Now focusing  on teaching Kyudo  in long beach California where his dojo had been in the City of Long Beach 4 years and is the only for pay archery program in the city ever.


 Bossett, Sensei has been in numerous films and guest appearances on TV and radio. There are several appearances in martial arts training tapes, including his own 3-part series Combat Shorin Ryu. Now he is the on camera weapons expert  for Spike TV’s Auction Hunters.


You can also see Bossett, Sensei in the U.F.C. IV, V, and XII. He has done well in over 8 of these full contacts no rules competitions. Bossett is one of the most progressive, innovative and powerful instructors available today


(Note: he has the title Renshi (certified Jr. Master Instructor) in Karate and Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu only …In Kyudo the rank of Renshi is his next test at this time… it is still pending)


And the happiest thing in his life is his wife Michi, a 3rd degree black belt in Kyudo.  She has also a Masters Degree in Education and supports the Japanese language class for our Kyudo students in Long Beach. Including her new job is caring for their shining star 3.5 year old Miwa. And yes she is training karate and kyudo.




Marcus Bossett – 323-356-2200




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